A prestigious Sicilian in the world who lives his life between creativity and mysticism.

“The Baroness Calì” returns from Manhattan to the island of Sicily (Turnai …)

A few years ago, on the “Italian Tribune”, the “Baronessa Consuelo Calì” was presented together with Donatella Versace, Debora Compagnoni, Carla Bastioni, Silvia Zeche, one of the Italians, her Sicilian, who more than others with her entrepreneurship And creativity, gave luster and prestige to our country, in the world.
(Cu nesci arrinesci!)

In his book describes the birth of “CALI COSMETCS” in New York, a company of “SCENT OF SICILY” Sicily-inspired beauty products.
Through the products “La Baronessa” tells the story of her life and her land, the transmutation of pain in creativity and beauty, the awareness that each of us can realize any dream, just have the courage to manifest it!

In the scenery of the splendid “Villa Di Bella” between candlelight lights that exalted the mysticism of Sicily, they meet eclectic characters, all reunited, commemorating after half a century the story of the “Baroness” touching the heart and inspiration for a new conscience.

The event was created and produced by “EMILIX DJ” show with special visual and musical effects based on vibrational harmonic “Hz” frequencies.

A special thanks to Alfio Grasso “Algra Editore” and Licia, for the collaboration.

With love!
“The Baroness Calì”

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