It interviews to Emilixdj – As never in the life this radical change from a normal dj to a spiritual dj? What are the frequencies! Why the fifth dimension?

But my life in recent years he has had a great knowledge….

I produced normal electronic music a 440Hz frequency e had a normal life in my past, I’ve always done the regular DJ in clubs in discos in festivals, but in the last few years of 2016 something inside me changes.

You find me with a group of musicians who played the instruments called (Spacedrum – Handpan) they traveled the world to bring the harmony of 432Hz frequency.

From that evening I start studying frequencies the sound in its depth ‘.

A whole world has opened up, I start to study every single tone and frequency,

I find that the 432Hz frequency in the aura scale and a harmony of love,

my cells change, my DNA changes, I amplified myself.

I discover that God and a great composer of the universe. (Everything has a vibration) Energy merges with a vibration, the vibration generates a frequency. Example: Our individual body organs have a frequency, trees, flowers, animals etc.

I discover another thing (If the two frequencies of the same wave merge, they automatically resonate) When the perfect resonance melts the miracle happens.

Music is not just a composition

With various styles and notes.
Music is full of vibrational and emotional frequencies.
Called universal concert.
In reality it is a transporter of various energies.
Everything moves perfectly with a great resonance
Creation and sound. (The Verb – The word)

I call it pure love in creation. (Light and Love)

Today I produce healing music but not only electronic dance music the 432Hz frequency conversion.

I change the name too (Emilixdj The Pharaoh) Why’:? I always liked Egyptian civilization since I was a child.

If you look my symbol it would be a mono headphone dj

Built it 10 years ago you can follow the article on my blog I talk about my headphones:

Made of wood unique in the world if you try to turn the symbol

it turns into a cat the cat was a great symbol for the Egyptians

this is why I inserted in my biography (Emilixdj The Pharaoh)

something at that time in my life is increasingly amplified.

In the last few years I have a mental transformation of my life. I see the world in a different perspective this is why I consider myself spiritual.

Why’ music of the fifth dimension?

In these years I did not create only music,

but I was informing myself in general through documentaries

true information on the changes of our planet and our galaxy

I observe that in this age our solar system is enveloped from a

new energy that’s why

I called my music album (Music of the fifth dimension)

POSSIBLY in the next few years I create music of the NINE DIMENSION.

Listening to music:


THE NEW PROJECT OF THE DANCE MUSIC (FREE TO FLY) from Sicily to New York Together with: The Uncle Earl – Emilixdj & Caprice Starbrite (A connection between the Angels) Presentation of the Official Cover (FREE TO FLY)



A return to the 90s Dance music.

Free To Fly – The Uncle Earl – Emilixdj & Caprice Starbrite (Official)

Singer: The Uncle Earl & Caprice Starbrite

Authoress: Katrina Elkins & Lacy Darryl Phillips

Arranger & Composer Music by: Emilio Ingrassia

Story (FREE TO FLY) Song Interview of Katrina Elkins:

Inspired by the way that Emilio celebrates music and opens us all up to the higher vibrations of love, Katrina Elkins, founder of “The Elemental Lifestyle” created the poetry for FREE TO FLY.

The magic of this song has been evident during its entire creation from because it has brought many people together to demonstrate the power of community.

Katrina’s intention is to share that freedom is available to us at all times and that we can celebrate our desires and dreams by saying YES!

All of humanity can overcome heartache, loss, obstacles, limiting beliefs and cultural shaming by inviting in the power of love and the unlimited possibilities with flight.

Your desires for this life are the spark for massive transformation.

You are FREE TO FLY and express your creativity, self love and sexuality.

The divine connection and collaboration shows up in the vibration of FREE TO FLY.

It is time to celebrate spiritual expansion and rise above attachments, fears, and scarcity.

Katrina is a Life Purpose Alignment Coach for and it traveling the world with her two children and life partner.


Story (FREE TO FLY) Song Interview of Lacy Darryl Phillips:

There Comes A Time In Your Life When Things Just Seem To Fall Into Place! It’s All About Being Aware, Standing And Living In Your Truth. I’ve Been On This Journey Called LIFE For Quite A While Now And Not Too Many Things Excite Me.

I Happened To Connect With a Very Spritual And Talented DJ/Musician Emilio Ingrassia aka Emilix DJ From Italy. I Expressed A Challenge That We Collaborate On A Music Project, Not Having Ever Met In Person. Much To My Surprise He Responded After Some Time With This Track “FREE TO FLY”. Emilio Mentioned That He Was Working On It With a Very Talented Writer, Katrina Elkins, And We Should Meet Which We Did Over Social Media.

I Took A  Listen To The Track And Katrina Sent Her Renderings. As Always, I Sat Down One Day And Began A Deep Meditation With The Music And It Began To Speak to My Spirit. That Spawned A Creative Whirlwind In My Mind. So I Began The Process Of Lyrical Reconstruction Which Was Not A Very Difficult Process. All The Pieces Came Together, As If By MAGIC, In A Matter Of Minutes.

In My Aura Of Excitement, I Called My Dear Creative Partners At Cave Lab Studio, Jerome Scorpiochild Dicken (Vocal & Music Producer) And Caprice Starbrite (Voacalist Extraordinaire) And Said Let’s Go To Work! What Manifest Is This Amazingly Uplifting & Spiritual Song “FREE TO FLY”


Lacy Darryl Phillips aka THE UNCLE EARL

Lyrics Song Authoress by (Katrina Elkins & Lacy Darryl Phillips ):



In The Sky

We Trust Our Wings

To Cover The Earth With Our Love


You And I

Are Free To Fly

With Our Wings Spread Open Wide

In The Sky

We Are One

In The Deep

We Make Love When We Fly You And I


You And I

Are Free to Fly

Let’s Light Up The Night

With Our Eyes Shining Bright

Angel Eyes


Wanna Feel Your Light

And Open Up The Love

Let’s Melt The Ache

Of The Burning Loss Of Love

It Knocked Me Down

To A Lonely Place

To A Lonely Place

I Know Oh Too Well

But You And I Are


You and I


You And I

Are Free to Fly

Let’s Light Up The Night

With Our Eyes Shining Bright

Angel Eyes

You And I

Angel Eyes



(copyright 2018)


Biography Lacy Darryl Phillips (The Uncle Earl):

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

The art of success begins first within your heart, no better example to attain this claim than the man of many talents that we have come to know thru the years in the industry as Lacy Darryl Phillips.

Lacy Darryl Phillips aka THE UNCLE EARL, an Award Winning American Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Actor, Radio Personality & DJ.

President of Earl Hitz Records, a NYC label created to embrace the sounds of house, dance, electronic pop, and funk music. As an avid culture curator of performance & music for the world, he wanted to pay homage by creating “The New Paradise Garage Experience”.

He is also the Creator/Producer of Ultimate Underground, Host/DJ of his weekly radio show, The Ultimate Underground Experience now celebrating it’s 9th successful anniversary.

Lacy Darryl Phillips has a career in the entertainment industry which spans four decades, in the disciplines of acting, singing, dancing, directing, choreography, and songwriting. He has worked with recording artists, such as Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, Vanessa Williams, Grace Jones, Sheena Easton, Peabo Bryson, CeCe Peniston, James Ingram, Lou Rawls, The Bette Davis, Debbie Allen, Ray Chew, Randy Jackson, N.W.A. (Dr. Dre & Eazy-E), Jimmy Z., and Lonnie Gordon, among others.

Music purchase link:



















Biography Caprice Starbrite:

Rockstress Singer/Songwriter, Caprice StarBRITE has 30 years lead & background experience performing and recording with various independent artists and producers. In 2013, she released her RockN’Soul debut CD, ‘NO GIMMICKS, NO TRICKS,’ produced by guitarist/composer, JEROME SCORPIOCHILD.  Sassy and in your face, Caprice and her band KIZMIT (Jerome Scorpiochild-Guitar; David Burnett-Bass & Kevin Austin-Drums), unleash unforgettable live performances with a splash a funk to stir your soul, free your mind and feed your inner dancer.  Caprice is currently in the studio working on new songs in hopes that she can take her music to the next level.


Caprice StarBRITE


Biography Emilixdj:

Emilix name comes from his real name Emilio Ingrassia was born in 1987 in Bronte. Live and produces in Randazzo a village on the scapes of Etna the largest volcano in Europe between art, history, music and nature. Emilix composer and producer dedicated to the study of synthesizers and electronic music.

The music of Emilix is understood as sound experimental organized according to what so far is the definition that most of all it takes the ultimate essence but also music as scence, music as cosmogony, music as medicine, music as nature. Emilix in his musical repertoire intends eletronic music made whit instrumentation. The genres are produced by Emilix are, deep house, tech house, minimal, goa psy trance, electronic dub since most of his contemporary music is played and recorded in writing with electronic equipment its expression must be applied to music in which the eletronic component is intrinsic to the very nature of the songs his electronic music is applied to very different works by art electronic rock to new wawe or garage at the electro pop.

Everything comes to about twelve years old in 2002 when listening to a disk producer with experimental sounds throught an instrument the remin named after its inventor lived in the 20’s because it is a kind of antenna that translates the electromagnetic field in the simple imposition of the hands to change the arrangement of this field to get the sounos variables. In 2003 he began to mix the first vinyl and prepare various music play lists. As of 2004 years one of the groups most famous electronic music German Kraftwerk and then became interested in the production of sound derived from new tecnologies through samplers. In 2005 after a period of development it produces his first album (metal sim acid) of electronic music what broaden its horizons very syntetizers and sequences starting to be commonly used and longer limited experimental edge, he begins to be contacted to get knows through local radio and night location of the town or of hinterland so begins to promote his album.

In 2006 extemporaneously advance of house music began to use these tools on a pc with which you could do technical work as sample vici and change with the vocoder to changes to the point to give the effect that follows listening to some piece of Daft Punk: harder better, faster, stonger….

In the following years up to today is contacted of the best disco of Catania and Taormina has increasingly become making the production of electronic music more affordable for everyone. Just some easy in the use of computers and with very lowcost you have access to all means possible to compose and sound also you can use older tecnologies that can be stacked to composed not to mention the possibility of contamination with acoustic and electronic sounds. Generally his electronic music uses simpletime as 4/4 and like taking a beat between 110 an 130 BPm and take into account the use of bass and electric guitars, keyboards, drum machine, synthetizers and sequencers including the most used the moog keyboard and guitar synth.


Biography Katrina Elkins:

“Holy is within me. The I AM is in my heart and shines through the miracle that is my existence.”

My journey to embody the Feminine started twenty years ago. I didn’t know it at the time. In 2012, new insights and big awarenesses of the power of my own heart became very apparent. I kept saying YES, to my heart.

In my striving and doing, I had to have hip surgery and was diagnosed with an inflamed bladder during my second pregnancy. I knew I had to start making new decisions about how I treated my body. It wasn’t an easy road. I had a lot of resistance until I couldn’t take it anymore. Moving away from striving and doing was an unraveling that took four years.

During 2015, I realized I had to with let go of old habits and limiting beliefs about money, time, and community. I noticed I kept sacrificing myself. It changed when I had dreams of the Divine Feminine. She came to me as a female pope.

Within a few months, I finally connected with mentors that assisted me in accessing my own Feminine in a grounded and meaningful way. During the middle of 2017, I experienced the balancing of my Feminine and Masculine energies. After that, I had an incredible healing of my Feminine Heart and have fallen deeply in LOVE with CLAIMING ALL OF ME.

Today, I love my precious body and I claim all that is within my vessel.

I am ALIVE and FREE.

I have longed for this feeling within for decades. To claim my body, wholly and completely, for all its “imperfections” and “perfections.”

I CLAIM my own Feminine Flow. I CLAIM the power within me. I CLAIM the air I breathe, the water I drink, and the land I touch. It is a part of me, just as it is a part of YOU. I AM connected to the entire Universe and supported by Mother Earth.

I do not walk in shame for being a woman. I welcome my own FEMININE energy and embrace the softness and LOVE that is always within. I walk with all of humanity as ONE.

And my FIRE. I allow the fire of my heart’s passion and my soul’s work to be SEEN.

I walk with the water of emotions and delight in the feelings of tears streaming down my face. I don’t judge,


The FEMININE is here. And she is within me.

I am not seeking anything outside of me. I know that I am safe and I walk on this beautiful, bountiful Mother Earth.

There is no shame, guilt, or hiding. I am whole. I am complete. I open up to my creative force, sexuality, and HEART. And I LISTEN to my body.

I am the Breath. I am Water. I am Fire.

I AM LIGHT. And I am within this vessel of LOVE.

There is FREEDOM, FLOW, and INFINITE FEELINGS. I welcome it ALL!

It has been a journey to walk this path. I trust myself to be ALL that I AM.

I believe in the interconnectedness of everything and focus on being of service to other beautiful souls who are ready to fully embrace and allow their Feminine Heart to lead the way.

My passions are writing, gardening, and hiking. The kitchen is my medicine and the wild wilderness is mirrors my soul.

I love camping, rollerblading, playing piano, kayaking, sisterhood and cooking.

I am a mother of two children young children and have an incredible husband, who has supported me in allowing my Feminine to guide my decisions.


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Il brano scritto a quattro mani da un dj siciliano e uno Olandese- News From The Newspaper Sicily

Un dj siciliano ed uno olandese insieme per un singolo ispirato al passato ma in chiave moderna. Da un lato Emilio Ingrassia (Emilixdj), giovane deejay di Randazzo e compositore internazionale abbastanza conosciuto nei club e nei music party per le sue performance di musica house, dance ed elettronica. Poi Timothy Robert (Timingnl), un cantante dj e compositore olandese la cui passione è la musica, noto dj degli anni ’80 che per molti anni ha viaggiato per l’Europa trasmettendo nei migliori club il suo stile musicale in un mix in vinile di funk & soul e dance music. Nell’estate scorsa Robert decide di viaggiare per la Sicilia e i due s’incontrano ai piedi dell’Etna, così ispirati dalla musica anni ’80 i due compositori creano “2080s Into Blue” il nuovo singolo inedito, una fusione di due generazioni, tra la cultura dell’Europa occidentale e quella Mediterranea. Durante l’estate, a Randazzo, i due studiano gli arrangiamenti e accordi strumentati da sintetizzatori, tastiere e chitarra, ispirati dalla musica internazionale del gruppo Modern Talking e del mito della musica pop internazionale Michael Jackson, danno vita al singolo “2080s Into Blue” con l’etichetta discografica indipendente Xamos Record. Completata la parte musicale ed i testi realizzano pure il video musicale girato a Castiglione di Sicilia, uno dei borghi medievali più belli d’Italia, luogo simbolo e di fascino nella favolosa e suggestiva valle dell’Alcantara, in collaborazione con il chitarrista randazzese Silvestro Caruso e la presenza di Nadiù Mannino, volto femminile del videoclip. Adesso il brano è in distribuzione su tutte le piattaforme audio internazionali e video tra cui: Vevo Channel, Youtube – ITunes, Spotify avendo un grande successo e riscontro tra il pubblico degli Stati Uniti e Nord Europa. MICHELE LA ROSA Fonte “La Sicilia” del 02-11-201845256705_10157093175601833_5894363544517869568_n

#emilixdj #Timingnl #hitsong2019 #hit’s80 #discomusic80s #2080sintoblue #castiglionedisicilia #randazzo #michelelarosa #xamosrecords #silvestrocaruso #nadiu’mannino #sicily2019 #etnavolcano2019 #alcantarariver2019 ##SingleForTheSummer2019 #vevo #country #vevoofficial #popdisco2080 #MichaelJackson #ModernTalking #2080sIntoBlue #Timingnl #Emilixdj #PewDiePie #JustinBieberVEVO #hits80 #iltormentonedelmomento #lamiglioremusica2019 #musicaanni80

Backstage Film Movie Trailer – 2080s Into Blue – Settember 2018




On Location for our Music Video Production
Castiglione di Sicilia
Authors: Timingnl & Emilixdj 
Composers: Timothy Robert & Emilio Ingrassia
Actress: Nadia Mannino
Guitarist: Silvestro Caruso
Photographer: Enzo Benincasa
Direction With: Salvatore Romano
Video producer: Crazy Cam

#emilixdj #Timingnl #hitsong2019 #hit’s80 #discomusic80s #2080sintoblue #castiglionedisicilia #randazzo #michelelarosa #xamosrecords #silvestrocaruso #nadiu’mannino #sicily2019 #etnavolcano2019 #alcantarariver2019 ##SingleForTheSummer2019 #vevo #country #vevoofficial #popdisco2080 #MichaelJackson #ModernTalking #2080sIntoBlue #Timingnl #Emilixdj #PewDiePie #JustinBieberVEVO #hits80 #iltormentonedelmomento #lamiglioremusica2019 #musicaanni80

News – A return to the future – 2080s Into Blue – newspaper


History in English

History “2080s Into Blue” Timothy Robert (Timingnl), and a singer DJ and composer Dutch His passion is music, DJ of the 80s for many years has traveled around Europe by broadcasting his musical style in the best clubs in a vinyl mix of Funk & Soul and Dance music. The multi-culture in the clubs influenced and inspired his musical states and clung to the classics of all kinds of traditional music of the ’70s and’ 80s. In the Summer 2018 he decides to travel to Sicily meeting Emilio Ingrassia (Emilixdj), a young DJ and successful international composer in today’s clubs and parties, known for his performances of House, Dance and electronic music. Inspired by the 80s music composers Timothy Robert and Emilio Ingrassia is an incredible fusion “2080s Into Blue” the new unpublished single, a return to the past in a modern way. A fusion of two generations, between western and Mediterranean culture. During the days of study, he studies the arrangements and instrumental instruments from synthesizers, keyboards and guitar inspired by international music the group (MODEN TALKING) and the myth of international POP music (MICHAEL JACKSON) give life to the new single “2080s Into Blue” Created in Randazzo, a village on the slopes of Etna on the independent record label (Xamos Record). The Italian text of the song written together a dense and profound message; they are very inspired by the world between the encounter of unconditional love, the encounter between two souls in perfect harmony, the souls meet before the body; Dancing and playing in a very high dimension, free to fly in their perfection in a blue sky. After creating and finalizing the song, they decide how together the screenplay of the video clip, Timoteo traveling to the Sicilian cities for the first time decided to shoot the video in Castiglione di Sicilia one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, enchanted by its charm in the fabulous suggestive valley of the Alcantara we immediately start filming video, in collaboration with the guitarist Randazzese (Silvestro Caruso) and the splendid appearance of (Nadiù Mannino) young woman of the realization of the video. After making the video production the record label (Xamos Record) distributes the song in all social networks and in all the audio and video platforms including: Canale Vevo, Youtube – iTunes, Spotify with a great success and feedback between the public in the United States and Northern Europe.

As a Multi-Instrumentalist and Singer/Songwriter/Producer since the late ‘70’s, Timothy Robert alias TimingNL became a successful independent DJ in the ‘80’s.
The MultiCultural Floor-fillers in the Clubs influenced and inspired him in his music styles and while holding on to the timeless classics in about every traditional music genre from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, he was one of the early introducers of a/o House Music and Dance.
Nowadays he’s still an independent composer and producer and on his travels through Europe, he came to Sicily in June 2018 to start an adventure with Emilio Ingrassia alias Emilixdj, who’s a successful local and international DJ and producer in the Clubs and Parties today, known for his House, Dance and Sound Healing performances with a passion for the classics of a/o the ‘80’s.
A fusion of two generations, of West-European and Mediterranean cultures, of modern and classic dance music, in the High Vibrational energies of an active Mount Etna on Sicily, resulted in an ‘80’s Pop Disco Inspired co-creation from two Brothers in Music with an amazing chemistry.
“2080s Into Blue” brings a Soul Inspired message of Deep Soul Love Connections who often find each other in an Energetic Love Dance in the Higher Frequencies while being separated in the Physical. A Dance into the Blue.

Official Release September 2018.s

History in Italian

“2080s Into Blue”  Storia

Timothy Robert (Timingnl), e un cantante dj e compositore Olandese

La sua passione è la musica, dj degli anni 80 per molti anni ha viaggiato per l’Europa trasmettendo nei migliori club il suo stile musicale in un mix in vinile di Funk & Soul e Dance music.

La multi cultura nei Club hanno influenzato e ispirato i suoi stili musicali si aggrappava ai classici di ogni genere di musica tradizionale degli anni ’70 e ’80.

Nell’ Estate 2018 decide di viaggiare per la Sicilia incontrando

Emilio Ingrassia (Emilixdj), giovane dj e compositore internazionale di successo nei Club e nei party di oggi, noti per le sue performance di musica House, Dance ed elettronica.

Ispirati dalla musica anni 80’s  i compositori Timothy Robert e Emilio Ingrassia creano una incredibile fusione “2080s Into Blue” il nuovo singolo inedito, un ritorno nel passato in chiave moderna.

Una fusione di due generazioni, tra la cultura dell’Europa occidentale e quella Mediterranea.

Durante le giornate calde d’estate insieme studiano gli arrangiamenti e accordi strumentati da sintetizzatori, tastiere e chitarra ispirati dalla musica internazionale il gruppo (MODEN TALKING) e del mito della musica POP internazionale (MICHAEL JACKSON) danno vita al nuovo singolo “2080s Into Blue” creato a Randazzo un paese alle pendici dell’Etna presso l’etichetta discografica indipendente

(Xamos Record).

Nel fra tempo creano Il testo italiano della canzone scritto insieme mandando un messaggio denso e profondo; si ispirano tantissimo al mondo spirituale tra l’incontro di un amore non condizionato, l’incontro tra due anime in perfetta sintonia, le anime si incontrano prima del corpo; danzando e giocando in una dimensione molto elevata, liberi di volare nella loro perfezione in un cielo blu.

Dopo aver creato e finalizzato la canzone, decidono di realizzare insieme la sceneggiatura del video clip, Timothy in viaggio per le città Siciliane per la prima volta ha deciso di girare il video a Castiglione di Sicilia uno dei borghi medievali più belli d’Italia, incantato del suo fascino nella favolosa è suggestiva valle dell’Alcantara iniziamo subito le riprese video, in collaborazione con il chitarrista Randazzese (Silvestro Caruso) e la splendida comparsa di (Nadiù Mannino) giovane donna di per la realizzazione del video.

Dopo che hanno realizzato la produzione del video l’etichetta discografica (Xamos Record) distribuisce la canzone in tutti i social network e in tutte le piattaforme audio e video tra cui: Vevo Channel, Youtube – ITunes, Spotify avendo un grande successo e riscontro tra il pubblico degli Stati Uniti e Nord Europa.

Come un multistrumentista e cantante / cantautore / produttore fin dalla fine degli anni ’70, Timothy Robert alias TimingNL divenne un DJ indipendente di successo negli anni ’80.
La multicultura nei Club hanno influenzato e ispirato i suoi stili musicali e mentre si aggrappano ai classici senza tempo in ogni genere di musica tradizionale degli anni ’70 e ’80, è stato uno dei primi introduttori di a / o House Musica e danza
Oggi è ancora un compositore e produttore indipendente e nei suoi viaggi attraversando l’Europa, è venuto in Sicilia nel giugno 2018 per iniziare un’avventura con Emilio Ingrassia,
Emilixdj, che è un dj e produttore locale e internazionale di successo nei Club e nei party di oggi, noti per le sue performance House, Dance e suono di guarigione con la passione per i classici degli anni ’80.
Una fusione di due generazioni, di culture dell’Europa occidentale e mediterranea, di musica dance moderna e classica, nelle energie di grande vibrazione.
Da Randazzo nella valle dell’Etna in Sicilia, ha portato la creazione di una canzone Pop Disco music.
Ispirato dai suoni degli anni ’80 da parte dei compositori  Timothy Robert e Emilio Ingrassia  un’incredibile fusione nasce “2080s Into Blue” il nuovo disco, un ritorno nel passato in una nuova chiave moderna.
Porta un messaggio  d’amore tra le anime, una connessione che spesso si trovano l’un l’altro in una Danza  Energetica con Frequenze Superiori mentre sono separati da un corpo fisico.
Una danza nel blu.
I am not a Dream ...
And neither are You ...
One Day You are Ready ...
Always Been My True ...

You’re a Part of Me ...
As It was Always You ...
Souls Know How to Dance ...
While Playing in the Blue ...

You only need to Be ...
Just like Me ...
In this dance we're Free ...
You Feel what I See ...

Just Take a Moment ...
See what I See ...
Why You Have Always ...
Been Inside of Me ...

We Can Run We Can Hide ...
But when Our Souls Decide ...
Then Everything You Are ...
And what You Do Feels Right ...


Testo Italiano:
Non sono un sogno..
E neanche tu lo sei ..
Un giorno sarai pronta ..
Sei sempre stata quella vera ..

Sei parte di me ..
Come se fossi sempre stata tu ..
Le anime sanno come danzare ..
Mentre giocano nel blue ..

Hai solo bisogno di essere ..
Cosi' come anch'io ..
In questa danza siamo liberi ..
Tu senti, quello che vedo ..

Possiamo correre possiamo nasconderci ..
Ma quando le nostre anime decidono ..
Tutto ciò che sei ..
E fai, sono perfetti ..

2018 True Infinity Me
Photographer: Enzo Benincasa 
Place :Castiglione di Sicilia
Hotel Florio



Cover Official 2080s Into Blue

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